Now and Then performance project

National Trust, Fell Foot Park, Newby Bridge; 2015

Now and Then performance project
A creative collaboration between DARE DANCE, National Trust, Octopus Collective and Brewery Youth Arts

DARE Dance brought together 100 Children and Young People aged 6-18yrs from across South Cumbria, in an ambitious, original, site-specific dance performance ‘ Now and Then ‘ on the site of the Historic House at Fell Foot on Saturday 11th July at Fell Foot.

Led by Artistic Director Amanda J. Mortlock; Ellen Turner, Zanna Dennis and Emma Hayes (Brewery Youth Arts) led weekly inspirational dance classes at Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal  and DARE Dance Studio, Barrow with additional days working as a whole cast on site at Fell Foot.

Together we devised a performance which brought to life the memories of Fell Foot; what has changed and hasn’t changed for generations of animals and people who have made Fell Foot their home.  We saw the elegance, beauty and wildness of Fell Foot through the swans and the fierce chase of the hunting hounds.  Inspired by the game of Chess on site we hinted at the memory and strategy of war and the changing roles of men and women throughout the centuries of life at Fell Foot.  We  enjoyed light-hearted life on the lake and finished with a wave of memories rising and falling until time allowed them stillness. We worked with a Youth Ambassador group to promote the event on Social Media, monitor and evaluate the project with their peers and audience.

Now and Then Audience response
" Amazing, so well performed and everything flowed beautifully.  Very good choreography, excellent.  I could see it took a lot of putting together.  There were lots of things I enjoyed - a whole range of ages, lots of boys, loads of energy, loved costumes and a great finale that brought everyone together - completely kept me engaged throughout performance.  "
"  Music was very powerful, lots of different dances were incorporated so it kept my interest throughout. "
" They used all the floor space really well because this is a big area. I just enjoyed it so much.  I thought it was lovely there were as many boys as girls, finale was really good, really creative, lovely to see dancers from across South Cumbria dancing together.  We can see that a lot of hard work has gone into it. "
" Beautiful to see all ages working together, dancing outside and in a large area.  It was  imaginative, a great setting, we could see all dancers - really brilliant!"

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