Leaps and Sounds Project

Barrow 2013/14

Leaps and Sounds project
A creative collaboration with Octopus Collective and Creative Futures Cumbria to explore connections between sound and movement and offer mentoring opportuntiies to young artists.

DARE worked in partnership with Octopus Collective and Creative Futures Cumbria to deliver an experimental listening and moving project to 10 schools (Key Stage 2) in Barrow in Furness.  Teachers and pupils alike had a great time and improved their listening skills.

Starting from stillness and silence and founded on the notion of “listening” -  to sound, the body, the mind we provided guided explorations responding to sounds with the moving body and through moving creating sounds.  Working from small responses to a whole body experience we  explored the space in and around us through vibrations and energetic impulse. 

Leaps and Sounds Evaluation  
Practical activities that asked them to consider listening for and identifying the direction from which sound travels. 40% of the students found this activity captivating, challenging but also the most memorable part of the workshop. 

-  Devising and performing the dance was the most challenging and engaging feature of the day. The children were able to identify the nature of these challenges and all felt that they had been supported in meeting them. Again, this was aspect of the programme was that most mentioned in conversations at home. 

- Enjoyment was significant. Over 60% of the children also told parents that the project was ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’. It was ‘brilliant’ and ‘awesome’. 

‘Mum said it sounded brilliant. I told her all about it’ 
- Learning outside the classroom was significant in enhancing the experience for young people and their teachers. Those pupils who were able to visit the Dare Dance studio for the workshop were enriched as a consequence and came away with a greater understanding of what it meant to be ‘a professional dancer’ 

Artist Mentoring Programme focussed on 
•     the language used by the lead practitioner 
• the role of the practitioner within schools 
• the way the practitioner teaches through the art form eg kinaesthetically for the dancers 
• tailoring the content of each session and differentiating for age and ability 

the trainees felt that the programme had the potential to enable them to build links and connections with the formal education sector and that this might lead to the possibility of future work. 
‘I know have more resources to make connections with in schools and the community which has hindered me earlier. I have developed as an artist.’
‘I was inspired by the energy the practitioners brought to the sessions, this was also translated to the participants’ 
‘I was inspired by the diversity of the groups in today’s sessions and how well they all responded to the activities’ 
I am learning more about pace and flow each time I observe a session

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