Furness Academy 2016

The Amazon Dance Project for girls and women
A new methodology to teach girls and women about Safety and Relationships, resilience and coping, self image and ownership of body.

Phase II of The Amazon Dance was developed by Amanda as a methodology for teaching young women about coping and resilience, safety and relationships, ownership of body and self-image.  Amanda piloted the new methodology with a small group of girls yr9 at Furness Academy.  Then a further phase of development included work with Emma Scott a Dance Movement Psychotherapist to choreograph short dance sequences to embody the nature of each Archetype and to work with life coach and Clinical Psychologist to develop a log book designed to support self-reflection during an dbeyond the course.   The course was then piloted again with a group at Furness Academy and we comissioned an external evaluation from Lancaster University Clinical Psychology department.  We plan to move forward with the work in 2017 towards the Centenary of the Women's Vote.

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