A Love Calendar Film

Barrow, 2014

Digital Dance project
A creative collaboration with film maker Daniel Williams, Kathak Dancer Manuela Benini and Composer Andrew Deakin to create the film. Mentor Rosemary Lee.

‘A Love Calendar ‘is a dance film about a woman’s metaphorical journey through love over a year, or a lifetime.  The changing landscape makes visible her feelings and provides a setting for exploring the Archetypes of Dreamer, Conjurer and Archer.  Her self-awareness evolves throughout the journey: from a silence that anticipates to awakening of desire and reaching an emotional wisdom. Filmed on the Furness Peninsula and screened on Valentine’s Day 2014  at Cooke’s Studios to an audience of 53 and on-line to an audience of 130. 

“ Lovely to see a film on Valentine’s Day that shows us a woman learning about herself both in a relationship and alone. “
“ Beautiful imagery and landscape. “
“ Great soundtrack developing natural sounds and rhythms. “
“ Really thought-provoking – i loved it! “
“ Liked how dancer interacted with environment rather than just dancing in the landscape. “
“ The journey emotionally and energetically was clear. “
“ Like the textures of trees, sand, water ...colours are magnificent! “
“Fantastic from start to finish. “
“Lovely light, repeated moves, hunting for love!”

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