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‘Now and Then’ project

Published on June 29, 2015 by in Uncategorized

We have formed a Youth Ambassador Group for the ‘ Now and Then ‘ project to tell us about their experience and contribute to the development of the project.

Ellie tells us about a visit to Brewery Arts Centre to see Verve.

” Seeing other people’s performances is really important for inspiration and to think about how good we need to be if we want to be professional dancers.  On Thursday the 18th some of us from the Youth Ambassador Group went to the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal to watch Verve; a live performance of post-graduate contemporary dancers. I felt that the choreography was very unique, with strong, powerful moves and a humorous script. I have gained many ideas for choreography and what I can do to improve my movement from watching the performance and I hope the others have too! :)  “

Erin tells us about the first day at Fell Foot.

IMG_3911                   IMG_3951         IMG_3864

” It was cloudy and a bit cold when we arrived.  We were all a bit nervous, I think.  Zanna led a warm up which was fun and then we started to work on the first dance.  Its about a game of chess and so two rows of boys stand opposite two rows of girls like a game of chess.  We had learned a small sequence which we then developed and adapted on the site together.  We tried a few things that didn’t look good so we changed them until we had something really good.  It needs a lot of concentration and counting but I like it.  The best thing about the day was dancing in a really big space – it feels so different to the indoor studio.  More exciting! “

Ioanna tells us about the choreography her group is making for the Now and Then performance.

” At the moment we are rehearsing our piece ‘Sailing’ for our Fell Foot Performance. At the start we enter using fabrics which makes our movements delicate yet powerful, plus we really enjoy using props to dance with! We also like how whilst we are in partners we are able to use the fabrics to create the image of water. Our piece includes intricate movements which flow. This makes the dance equally as pretty throughout. The main phase is important in the piece because it is strong and elegant which makes the unison look and feels amazing!!  “


” We love learning new dances for performances, but it sometimes takes a while for the movements to feel right in our bodies! The timing in one of the phrases in our piece ‘Sailing’, took a while for us to understand. Because we do the same phrase at a different part in the piece but at a different stage in the music it was confusing at first. Once we had learnt all of the phrases that would later make our piece it is also sometimes a challenge to fit all the pieces together in the best way to make the dance look it’s best. Our piece includes many subtle and dainty movements which makes the dance interesting, mastering how to do them well and in time takes a few rehearsals but we can overcome the challenges! “




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